High School Relationships

By: Morgan Sputa ’19, Editor-in-Chief

Stay single kids. High school relationships are not like the movies at all. Your main focus in school should be making memories, getting good grades, and spending time with your friends. Not saying you should annex the opposite gender for all of high school, but the first three years of high school are demanding and an adjustment- there are more important things to be focused on.

Don’t date a junior/senior as a freshman! There is a gap in age and maturity, so it won’t end well. Juniors and seniors are just finishing up high school as you are entering it- they’re headed to college that will potentially be hours/miles away, and you haven’t even thought about a college you want to go to. Stick to your age group, or one that your parents are comfortable with you dating in (ex. dating sophomores).

Dating in high school isn’t always a bad thing; you could truly meet the person you’re going to marry one day. There are plenty of stories of current married couples that were ‘high school sweet hearts,’ whom are still going strong since they met during their days in high school. Others ended up marrying someone they knew from high school, but had never dated.

All in all, if you decide to date in high school, make sure you stay focused and make time for the memories too.

There’s A Snake in My Boot

How To Tell Fake Friends From Real Ones

Co-written by: Julianna Bruno, ’19, Feature Editor and Kaelyn Filbey, ’21, Reporter

Once you reach high school, it’s basically a repeat of middle school, with new students, new classes, and sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re surrounded by strangers and that your best friends are suddenly different people than they used to be. However, that is a normal part of high school, finding new friends and losing some who drift away. Yet don’t be intimidated by the incoming freshmen from Middle School East and Middle School North, take some time out your classes to get to know students you might not be familiar with. Over the next few months, some of those strangers might become some of your closest friends.

Advice From Current Freshmen

Brianne Lowe

Q: What’s the biggest sign someone’s fake?

A: When they talk about you behind your back and you hear about it from someone else.

Q: How do you feel about cliques?

A: I’m for them as long as they are inclusive and the people aren’t mean to you.

Q: How do you deal with fake people?

A: Cut them off. I tell them what they are doing wrong and hand it to them.

Q: Have you ever dropped a friend?

A: Yes, only a few times.


Christina Trotta

Q: What’s the biggest sign someone’s fake?

A: They associate themselves with other fake people. Also, i feel fake people lie a lot.

Q: How do you feel about cliques?

A: I feel they are natural; people gravitate towards them.

Q: How do you deal with fake people?

A: I deal with them by being fake back, just kidding. I stop talking to them.

Q: Have you ever dropped a friend?

A: Yes, I drop people if I think they are toxic.


Michael Skoney

Q: What’s the biggest sign someone’s fake?

A: Talking behind your friend’s back

Q: How do you feel about cliques?

A: They’ve got their space; I’ve got mine

Q: How do you deal with fake people?

A:I don’t have fake friends

Q: Have you ever dropped a friend?

A: Nope


Isaac Zelenak

Q: What’s the biggest sign someone’s fake?

A: If they are lying to your face

Q:How do you feel about cliques?

A: Everyone is different

Q: How do you deal with fake people?

A: Just don’t talk to them

Q:Have you ever dropped a friend?



Caroline Karle

Q: What’s the biggest sign someone’s fake?

A: When you hear things that they say from other people

Q:How do you feel about cliques?

A: People have their friends

Q: How do you deal with fake people?

A: I cut them out

Q: Have you ever dropped a friend?

A: Yes

Time Management

By: Brenna Filbey, ’20, Co-Opinions Editor and Jake Couts, ’20, Reporter

In high school, one of the most important things is time management. It’s a life saver. The better you are at being efficient, the more down time you have to watch movies or hang out with friends. Here are some quick, easy and helpful tips to make your life easier.


Being organized is the first step to being efficient. Everything has to have a place and having a system or a routine makes managing your time so much easier.

Locker: Having separate folders/binders for your classes makes life so much more organized. Once you go through your first day, you will pick up a routine of when you go to your locker and the route to all your classes. Also, do not decorate your locker. The decorations take up too much space, and you really don’t need to use it all that much.

Backpack: Put your back pack in your locker unless you are going to Pankow. String bags are recommended, and you can use them to carry up to three classes worth of binders and folders without getting “dress coded”. A folder for homework is recommended as well, that way you do not have to lug all of the heavy binders to and from school.

 Binder: The tab dividers are worth it. Keep everything separate: a homework section, a test/study guide section, and a worksheet sections. Some teachers suggest you throw nothing away, so if your binder is too full, make a folder and keep the papers at home- using past tests to study for the final exam is definitely worth saving the papers.

Time Management

Managing your time correctly determines how successful you will be throughout your high school career. Procrastination is something everyone does, but coping with it correctly is what reduces stress-levels.

Studying: Every teacher will, at one time or another, give a test or quiz within short notice. Being a responsible student, you need to realize the short time frame and use every chance you get to study. This could include free time in class, during lunch, before school in the cafeteria or library, and after school in the library.

Homework: Almost every teacher will distribute homework numerous times throughout the week. Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to homework. Teachers usually do not accept late work and having self-discipline is a serious necessity in high school. Getting work done on time and in an orderly fashion is a must in high school to be successful.



Cell Phone Usage

By: Jake Couts ’20, Reporter

Cell phone usage is a major concern for every student at LCN. Most middle school students do not get a chance to use their cellular device due to stressful rules prohibiting them. As of high school, cellphone usage is a very controversial topic among teachers. Most teachers do not allow cellphones during class sessions due to having the distraction and not showing respect to the instructor. Throughout the hallway, cellphones are allowed but tend to distract people from walking. This results in many people getting infuriated from the people walking slow since they’re focused on their cellular device.

Various teachers will have posters posted that state red, yellow, or green zones which tell you if you are allowed on your phone. Red, meaning no devices is allowed under any circumstance. Yellow, meaning when the teacher approves you can use your phone. Green, meaning you are always allowed to use your device. Using your cellphone throughout the day is a wonderful tool but also can result in extreme distractions which can lead to poor grades. Listening to music is also a major concern for students. Most teachers do not allow headphones during the lesson but once they finish and give you time to work independently they tend to allow you to use them. Cellular devices are wonderful and powerful tools when used correctly, but when used incorrectly they can lead to many problems and serious distractions. Use your cellular device at appropriate times and do not disrespect teachers.

Hallway Etiquette

By: Brenna Filbey, ’20, Co-Opinions Editor.

   Incoming freshmen have a lot of questions, but no one tells them about the worst part of high school: the hallways. Hallways are NEVER empty during passing time, and they will be SUPER crowded until the seniors leave. Move people, there is a certain flow of the hallway. Follow the crowd going the way you want to. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallways and chit chat with your BFF- you have phones and lunch to do that. Stopping in the middle of the hallways creates angry people. Move closer to the lockers or just walk and talk.

   Speaking of walking and talking, if you are walking slowly, people get irritated. You don’t own the hallway (and neither do they), but everyone has somewhere to be, so keep moving. Pick up the walkers and stop doing the grandma shuffle in the hallways, there’s only six minutes to get from class to class, and teachers expect you to be on time. For the first few days, they usually cut you some slack because you’re new and teachers understand that.

   Another thing, the doors open outwards. Don’t walk around with your head down, texting or snap chatting someone. You could get hit in the head with the door because the people coming out of the class room aren’t looking out for the people in the hallways. There have been plenty of stories where someone got a concussion from the door.

   Hopefully these tips have given you some advice to keep in mind. Remember to have fun!


Classes That Help Your Future

By: Victoria Myers ’19, Photographer

myers_future photo

There are many classes one could take at High School North. Freshmen are able to take many classes that would aid in their future both in the world and at LCN. These range from advanced academic classes to classes that are offered at the Pankow Center.

There are a few options for advanced classes as a freshman. For example, freshmen are able to take Honors English 9, this course can seem a bit daunting at first; however, it is a class that lays the foundation for writing done in high school and the curriculum involves many works such as Romeo and Juliet and The Odyssey. Another honors class that freshmen could take is Honors Biology, this course takes the average biology course and goes more in depth. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year there will be a 0.25 GPA bump given for each honors class taken by a student, this follows the 0.5 bump always given with AP classes. Freshmen are not able to take any AP courses except for AP Human Geography. AP Human Geography is a class that can be beneficial for freshmen that want to challenge themselves and plan on taking more AP classes in the future. This course involves learning techniques used by geographers and the impact humans have on the planet. All of these classes offered at LCN are beneficial to the futures of students that take them.

Another opportunity for freshman that could benefit their future is the MST program. This program is a rigorous program that focuses on math, science, and technology (MST). Freshmen students in this program take Honors Biology and Honors Geometry. These courses go in-depth on the same topics taught in general Biology and Geometry. Not only does the MST program offer a challenging curriculum, it also offers opportunities that are not always given by classes offered at LCN. Some opportunities imclude: college trips and projects not done at the high school.


How to Fight Freshman Fears

By: Gina Hofbauer
Co-Editor-in-chief, Cover Editor
Haven Noll

Upperclassmen, locker combinations, crowded hallways, and tests- A Freshman’s worst fear. Whether you are as calm as a cucumber or losing hours of sleep stressing about starting your four year term in the big house, it’s often that freshmen believe in many myths that starting high school comes with.

Many incoming freshman share a fear of the upperclassmen.. For years the cliché but true fear has gone around that freshman fear the upperclassmen for multiple reasons. However; I can assure you that the ‘scary’ look in our eyes is our lack of sleep. Upperclassmen are more focused on passing their classes than picking a fight or starting pointless drama with the freshmen. The most threatening thing that will come out of the underclassmen will be referring to your grade as ‘annoying’, but don’t take that to heart; it’s just tradition. The thing about high school is most people are out of the ‘trying to be cool phase’, so chances are you won’t find a senior trying to pick a fight or making rude remarks towards you.

Another thing many incoming freshmen are nervous about is making friends. Freshman year you will have multiple schools colliding with each other which means your group or ‘clique’ may grow, shrink, or implode. Fear not though, being thrown into the mix of all the new students can be exciting too! This gives you the opportunity to make new friends that you’ll have for the rest of your high school career. One thing I wish I realized sooner was that you really should branch out, especially in freshman year. If you’re someone who is shy or often nervous when talking to someone new, that’s okay. Start off easy like saying a simple “hello” to someone who sits in front, behind or next to you in class. Another thing to know: You will survive high school with or without a ‘clique’.

Incoming freshman tend to worry about the tests and quizzes getting harder, along with the stress of needing to do more home work every day. Yes, in high school the work does get harder but it will not be as different from eighth grade. There are so many different classes you can take, just like in middle school (but high school has more options). With the many options, come different workloads. The homework may get stressful at times, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.  Students will usually have one or two assignments for home work depending on their class every night. Tests and quizzes will usually happen every week, but if you study and pay attention in class, they should not be difficult. Overall the work in high school is not that much harder than middle school, you just have to keep on top of it and keep trying.

High school has many differences from middle school, but they really are not as drastic as many people make it out to be. There are so many opportunities, so make sure you get yourself out there and try new things. You are only I high school for four years, so try your best and enjoy it.

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