LCN Rules

By: Victoria Myers ’19, Photographer

myers_rules photo

All schools have some ground rules, and these are rules that should not come to a surprise to those that have been in school for nine years already. They include a strict no bullying policy as well as a no discrimination policy. There are however, some rules that are unique to LCN that freshmen should know before starting class here.

The school’s dress code is something that does not really change between middle and high school; however, the dress code is more widely enforced. There are no spaghetti straps or regular tank tops allowed and all shoulders must be covered. This can be a slippery slope because there are many cold shoulder or off-shoulder shirts that are available, but none of these can be worn at school or when taking yearbook pictures. Hats are also not allowed just as in middle school, but they are allowed on some spirit days. Pajama pants are also acceptable on some spirit days, but not on any other school day. Shorts are another article regulated by the dress code, shorts must be fingertip length or longer to fit within the school’s dress code. Violating the dress code at LCN is not the end of the world, but it can certainly disrupt the day of a student. When dress coded, the student is taken into the dean’s office and told to find something to change into that does not break dress code, if that is not possible then a parent will be called to bring a change of clothes.

There are other rules at LCN that differ from the rules at the middle schools, and one of them is the no backpack rule. In years prior some teachers have allowed backpacks in their classrooms, but starting in the 2017-18 school year a strict no-backpack rule was put into place. If one brings a backpack into a classroom they will be sent to their locker to put it away. Due to the banning of backpacks in classrooms teachers and administrators have allowed string bags and purses to carry materials from one class to another. Having to put away a bag could  lead to a student being tardy to that class, which could result in being swept. Sweeps were implemented during the second semester of the 2017-18 school year; they were implemented to reduce the amount of tardies for all students. Sweeps take place during the first and last five minutes of class, if a student is out of their classroom during this time they will be swept and sent to the LGI. When in the LGI the student will give their name and receive a slip for an after school detention.

If one is to follow these main rules they will be able to have a successful and enjoyable freshman year at LCN.


East and North Meet: How Do You still Stay Friends?

Kaelyn Filbey and Abby Reeder

New faces new personalities; how do you feel about friendships and relationships through your freshman year? These couples and friends share their views on the matter

 Ian and Avery

Q: How did you meet?

A: At one of the football games at the beginning of the year


Q: How do you feel about dating someone from the other school?

A: You had to really get to know each other… our friends didn’t care


Brianne and Adam

Q: How did you meet?

A: We went to the same middle school


Q: How did you determine that you wanted to date him?

A: Our personalities connected; he understands me. I know it sounds cheesy but its true.


Sara and Maddie (Best Friends)

Q: Do you still consider people from north a rival?

A: No, if I haven’t bonded with the north kids, I never will.


Q: Where did you guys meet each other?

A: We met in first grade; in second grade we clicked because we were both rebellious second graders


Q: How have you guys stayed friends?

A: We put up with each other; life would suck without her

Advice to the Incoming Freshmen

Co-written by: Morgan Sputa ’19, Editor-in-Chief and Mitchell Wickman ’19, Reporter

As you move from middle school into high school there are plenty of big changes, one major change is your work load. Freshman year will be quite the adjustment, but if you pay attention in class, do your work, stay organized and turn in your assignments in on time, then there will be a big weight lifted off your shoulders.

STUDY! I cannot stress enough as to why you should actually put effort in high school. Every person is different, some are visual learners, auditory learners, and others can learn right off the bat. Find which type of learner you are and set a consistent studying habit for your classes; this will help you stay organized throughout all of high school, into college, and with your job later in life. Also, do not be afraid to ask your teachers for help. The teachers are here to keep you on the right path and help you achieve all of your academic goals.

It’s not all work and no play. There are many events held at LCN that allow you to get to know your classmates, along with the entire student body. Kicking off in August, LCN holds “Midnight Madness,” which is the first official Varsity Football practice of the season. Everyone from LCN attends, so it’s a great way to get to befriend people in other grades. One of the best ways to get to know a majority of the people in your class is through the Link Crew program. There are many different ways to get to know everyone in your class as well as the upperclassmen; such as, joining clubs, attending school events, and participating in sports. Some of the people you meet within these activities or just even in classes may be your best friend(s) for the rest of high school/ your life, or they may be just those friends you see at school.

The biggest things are to be yourself, stay organized, work hard, have fun, and explore all the opportunities that are in front of you throughout your entire high school career.

High school is the start to your future and social life, and it’s where you make or keep long-time friends. As a freshmen you are always nervous about joining a club or getting involved with community service. Getting involved is a top priority in high school because it creates recognition from teachers and students. High school teachers are the ones who write your recommendation letter for college, so developing a relationship with your teachers is very crucial if you want an appreciable letter. Having strong participation or great leadership skill can put you in a position of respect while constructing a friendship from your teachers.

LCN has various amounts of activities, clubs, and community service opportunities to help you get involved. These clubs can be recognized from colleges which can increase your chance of admission. Connecting to more clubs can make your schedule busy, but it can also build success in the future. As an incoming freshman it’s essential to find your place of interest from taking diverse classes, staying after school for a club, or just participating in class.

This type of advice can help jump start your future in high school. Becoming a freshman is always a sluggish process, but as you grow you start to realize that time flies by and high school is what you make of it.


The Unspoken Rules

By: Nayely Espinoza-Perez, ’20, Co-Opinions Editor

Haven Noll, ’20, Reporterhn and ne rules picture

Before anything, welcome to L’Anse Creuse High School North! You’ve made it through elementary school, let alone, middle school as well. Throughout these eight years, you’ve climbed up to the top- taking the responsibility of setting a proper figure for lower classmen in the past. Likewise, now upperclassmen have to not only set a good figure but a good atmosphere for incoming freshmen. Often times, 8th graders are looked upon as the “childish ones” who are still seen as kids. Many new freshmen don’t quite know what to expect from high school, while others would like to think they know everything that happens; therefore, they tend to get cocky- which shouldn’t be the case. Everyone is a freshman for a reason. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if upperclassmen didn’t let you in on a little secret- the unspoken rules…

Let us just clear something up: upperclassmen won’t “bully” you or think they are superior!!! We are often too busy focusing on OUR own problems rather than worrying about what freshmen are doing. Although, one thing is for sure- DO NOT stand in the middle of the halls with your group. All of us are just trying to get to a place. Walking in crowded halls is already a pain as is, so you walking slow or standing in anyone’s way just makes it more unpleasant for everyone. It seems as if every freshman class that is new has a genetic gene- running around in the halls. Seriously, please don’t! It can get really annoying when people run through the halls or scream first thing in the morning. That’s totally a way to get on someone’s bad side! Keep in mind that this is high school, and there are 15-18 year old students who don’t want to be dealing with immature people. Please act your age.

Now, everyone in the building knows your new, there is no need for you to make sure to prove a point. You don’t need to act superior than other classmen because all upperclassmen have been where you are going to be. Upperclassmen have been at the school for two or three years more than the freshmen. They more than likely have higher experience and know what they are doing. It is best if you worry about you and your classes. There is no need to be disrespectful or need to know everything to be the best. You are great on your own.

It isn’t the best being the youngest (it never is), but it’s also not the worst…seriously. Many freshmen don’t realize that freshmen year is probably the least stressful year after senior year. Enjoy it! After all, freshmen year is where you interact with new people and begin your thrilling high school career. Procrastination is something almost all high schoolers do. Everyone has things that need to get done but sometimes things get in the way. Eventually they get done what needs to get done, but it can get really tiring when they always wait until the last day to do their homework. It can get irritating when the rest of the upperclassmen are stuck hearing freshmen ranting about not doing their homework every day or ask for the answers from others.

Entering high school is a process of growth, success, and adventure! Enjoy every bit of it and enjoy the moment for what it’s worth! All of us from L’Anse Creuse High School North want to welcome you and wish you an enjoyable four years- make them worth because they go by fast!



High School Vs. Middle School Sports

By: Taylen Abbott,’21

Incoming freshmen are often taken back by how much commitment High School sports takes. Every coach will preach to their team that they are students first. If athletes are struggling in school or in class their playing time will be affected dramatically and they can become ineligible. The commitment of being in a high school sport is like having a job, there is pre-season conditioning and training that usually start months even before the first official practice; you must attend all the meetings and show up on time. Putting work in is mandatory especially if you want to have a reasonable amount of playing time  because in high school  there is no guaranteed playing time, you have to put in the work to earn it. There are also more opportunities for athletes because here are three teams to be eligible for as a freshman. Coming in as a freshman, if the athlete makes the team or signs up to play, they are placed on JV-B. This is essentially a freshman team but upperclassmen can also be occasionally bumped down to play on this team as well. Also with this system of JV-B, JV-A, and varsity; all athletes can be placed on any of the teams.


Locker Tips

By: Mitchell Wickman ’19, Reporter

Using your locker is very crucial to your high school life because your heavy textbooks, folders, and other supplies can be stored there. Many of the upperclassmen don’t recommend decorating your locker because decorations are not a priority and it is pointless. In the beginning of the year you should have your locker combination in your phone in case you forget it. Your locker is characterized as a quick place to drop off or pick up folders, but it should not be a place to show off decorations or finish homework.

Taking gym class comes with a process of bringing home dirty clothes, and if you leave your dirty clothes in your hallway locker it can produce a bad smell. Eliana Moran, ’19 says “Don’t leave trash in your locker, it will smell”. Your locker is not private, so keeping it clean is a good choice. If your locker becomes messy it can develop frustration from supplies spilling out every time you open it up.

Your locker can be a daily hangout spot, but staying there too long can cost you a tardy. Standing by your locker with a group of friends can cause blockage in the halls which will lead to more traffic. Proceeding with this act will possibly come with an angry student yelling at you. Always respect your locker neighbors when struggling to get to your locker. If your locker becomes jammed there are always staff members strolling the halls that would help you out. To prevent this problem from happening: push back any folders, strings, and other supplies that can cause your locker to be jammed.

Quick Tips:sports

  • Decorating your locker is not recommended
  • Don’t leave dirty gym clothes in your locker
  • Keep your locker clean and organized
  • Respect your locker neighbors
  • Don’t crowd around a locker
  • Leave your heavy textbooks in your locker

Meet the Freshmen Teachers

Co-written by:


Mr. Crescentini

Q. What subject do you teach? Why does it interest you?

A. U.S. History. I had a really good high school History teacher

Q. What do you want freshmen to know to do well in your class?

A. Do your job as a student

Q. What do freshmen struggle with?

A. Weak test taking skills

Q. What do they gain from your class?

A. Understanding of history, reading and study skills

Q. Why should freshmen take your class?

A. It is mandatory

Q. What clubs are you involved in?


Q. How often/How much homework is assigned?

A. Two days a week


Mr. Griffith

Q. What subject do you teach? Why does it interest you?

A. Band. I love music

Q. What do you want freshmen to know to do well in your class?

A. Be willing to work, be willing to leave your comfort level, willing to keep trying even if they struggle

Q. What do freshmen struggle with?

A. Making adjustments to High School and its expectations

Q. What do they gain from your class?

A. Deeper Awareness of how music works, problem solving, team work of creating a product that is beyond what anyone individual can accomplish

Q. Why should freshmen take your class?

A. It’s fun, a different way to use their brain than other classes

Q. What clubs are you involved in?

A. Marching Band, Jazz band, sometimes the musicals

Q. How often/How much homework is assigned?

A. Just to practice their instrument regularly


Mr. Kiner

Q. What subject do you teach? Why does it interest you?

A. Food and Nutrition. My passion of cooking outside the classroom

Q. What do you want freshmen to know to do well in your class?

A. Learning how to study and engage in the material, how to interact with student above their grade level.

Q. What do freshmen struggle with?

A. Staying on task

Q. What do they gain from your class?

A. How to manage working with older kids, and the curriculum, how to cook, how to eat

Q. Why should freshmen take your class?

A. If they have an interest in cooking,it can lead to culinary school

Q. What clubs are you involved in?

A. Football, Track, Gamer’s Club

  Q. How often/How much homework is assigned?

A. There is never homework


Mrs. Lammers

Q. What subject do you teach? Why does it interest you?

A. U.S. History. History was my favorite subject in high school

Q. What do you want freshmen to know to do well in your class?

A. Effort goes a long way

Q. What do freshmen struggle with?

A. Not doing well on the first test

Q. What do they gain from your class?

A. Knowledge

Q. Why should freshmen take your class?

A. Mandatory

Q. What clubs are you involved in?

A. Ping pong this year, hoping to teacher a girl’s self defense club

Q. How often/How much homework is assigned?

A. Class time is used to work on assignment, if student is productive there is no homework


Mr. Mignot

What subject do you teach? Why does it interest you?

U.S. History. I’ve always had a love of history, so it’s always a class I enjoy teaching.

What do you want freshmen to know to do well in your class?

Try to stay organized, take good notes, do your work, and spend lots of time on the study guides.

What do freshmen struggle with?


What do they gain from your class?

An appreciation of history and study skills

 Why should freshmen take your class?


What clubs are you involved in?

Varsity softball coach. Powderpuff

How often/How much hw is assigned?

A few take home projects, very little other homework


Mrs. Willoughby

What subject do you teach? Why does it interest you?

Pottery, Sculpture, Jewelry.

I’ve been an artist my entire life. In high school, my favorite teacher introduced me to clay. In college, I had my first Jewelry class and I decided what I wanted to major in.

What do you want freshmen to know to do well in your class?

Have good attendance

What do freshmen struggle with?

Finding where they fit in but there is a place for everyone at North.

What do they gain from your class?

Knowledge about the process. The history, the subject , a feeling of accomplishment by creating their own works.

Why should freshmen take your class?

They learn a lot and get to be creative, which is different than other classes.

What clubs are you involved in?

National Art Honor Society. Freshmen cannot join until sophomore year but are welcome to attend.

How often/How much hw is assigned?

Very rarely any.