Time Management

By: Brenna Filbey, ’20, Co-Opinions Editor and Jake Couts, ’20, Reporter

In high school, one of the most important things is time management. It’s a life saver. The better you are at being efficient, the more down time you have to watch movies or hang out with friends. Here are some quick, easy and helpful tips to make your life easier.


Being organized is the first step to being efficient. Everything has to have a place and having a system or a routine makes managing your time so much easier.

Locker: Having separate folders/binders for your classes makes life so much more organized. Once you go through your first day, you will pick up a routine of when you go to your locker and the route to all your classes. Also, do not decorate your locker. The decorations take up too much space, and you really don’t need to use it all that much.

Backpack: Put your back pack in your locker unless you are going to Pankow. String bags are recommended, and you can use them to carry up to three classes worth of binders and folders without getting “dress coded”. A folder for homework is recommended as well, that way you do not have to lug all of the heavy binders to and from school.

 Binder: The tab dividers are worth it. Keep everything separate: a homework section, a test/study guide section, and a worksheet sections. Some teachers suggest you throw nothing away, so if your binder is too full, make a folder and keep the papers at home- using past tests to study for the final exam is definitely worth saving the papers.

Time Management

Managing your time correctly determines how successful you will be throughout your high school career. Procrastination is something everyone does, but coping with it correctly is what reduces stress-levels.

Studying: Every teacher will, at one time or another, give a test or quiz within short notice. Being a responsible student, you need to realize the short time frame and use every chance you get to study. This could include free time in class, during lunch, before school in the cafeteria or library, and after school in the library.

Homework: Almost every teacher will distribute homework numerous times throughout the week. Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to homework. Teachers usually do not accept late work and having self-discipline is a serious necessity in high school. Getting work done on time and in an orderly fashion is a must in high school to be successful.



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