The Unspoken Rules

By: Nayely Espinoza-Perez, ’20, Co-Opinions Editor

Haven Noll, ’20, Reporterhn and ne rules picture

Before anything, welcome to L’Anse Creuse High School North! You’ve made it through elementary school, let alone, middle school as well. Throughout these eight years, you’ve climbed up to the top- taking the responsibility of setting a proper figure for lower classmen in the past. Likewise, now upperclassmen have to not only set a good figure but a good atmosphere for incoming freshmen. Often times, 8th graders are looked upon as the “childish ones” who are still seen as kids. Many new freshmen don’t quite know what to expect from high school, while others would like to think they know everything that happens; therefore, they tend to get cocky- which shouldn’t be the case. Everyone is a freshman for a reason. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if upperclassmen didn’t let you in on a little secret- the unspoken rules…

Let us just clear something up: upperclassmen won’t “bully” you or think they are superior!!! We are often too busy focusing on OUR own problems rather than worrying about what freshmen are doing. Although, one thing is for sure- DO NOT stand in the middle of the halls with your group. All of us are just trying to get to a place. Walking in crowded halls is already a pain as is, so you walking slow or standing in anyone’s way just makes it more unpleasant for everyone. It seems as if every freshman class that is new has a genetic gene- running around in the halls. Seriously, please don’t! It can get really annoying when people run through the halls or scream first thing in the morning. That’s totally a way to get on someone’s bad side! Keep in mind that this is high school, and there are 15-18 year old students who don’t want to be dealing with immature people. Please act your age.

Now, everyone in the building knows your new, there is no need for you to make sure to prove a point. You don’t need to act superior than other classmen because all upperclassmen have been where you are going to be. Upperclassmen have been at the school for two or three years more than the freshmen. They more than likely have higher experience and know what they are doing. It is best if you worry about you and your classes. There is no need to be disrespectful or need to know everything to be the best. You are great on your own.

It isn’t the best being the youngest (it never is), but it’s also not the worst…seriously. Many freshmen don’t realize that freshmen year is probably the least stressful year after senior year. Enjoy it! After all, freshmen year is where you interact with new people and begin your thrilling high school career. Procrastination is something almost all high schoolers do. Everyone has things that need to get done but sometimes things get in the way. Eventually they get done what needs to get done, but it can get really tiring when they always wait until the last day to do their homework. It can get irritating when the rest of the upperclassmen are stuck hearing freshmen ranting about not doing their homework every day or ask for the answers from others.

Entering high school is a process of growth, success, and adventure! Enjoy every bit of it and enjoy the moment for what it’s worth! All of us from L’Anse Creuse High School North want to welcome you and wish you an enjoyable four years- make them worth because they go by fast!



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