The Ten Commandments of High school

Gina Hofbauer
Cover Editor

Listed below are ten rules and suggestions for you to follow in order to survive and succeed in high school.

  1. You get 6 minutes between all classes. Be wise and do not use that time to use the bathroom because they are packed. If you have to use the bathroom and your class allows you, use it during class. Also, do NOT run to your class.
  2. No one decorates their lockers anymore. The most you usually see people do is a sticker or a picture of them and their friends. Most people in high school don’t use their lockers anyways.
  3. Sassing back or having an attitude with your teacher does not make you cool. It only makes you look like someone that people don’t want to be friends with.
  4. String bags and purses are allowed in most classes while regular backpacks are not; unless you get a pass from the office stating you need a backpack for medical or other reasons of importance.
  5. Please, do not bring a speaker to school and play your new ‘fire’ playlist in the hallway or on the bus. Thank you.
  6. There are “Hall Sweeps”. If you are in the hallway after the second bell has rung (A warning bell rings one minute before class starts and a second bell rings when you should be in class.), and you are caught in the hallway, you will be given a detention, no questions asked.
  7. Parking lots are extremely crowded; if you are getting dropped off, make sure to plan on being in ‘the line’ in the parking lot anywhere from 4-8 minutes.
  8. If you don’t want your phone taken away, make sure to find out the zone of all your classes. Red zone means no phones should be out or in use (You may be allowed to be on your phone before the teacher starts class), Yellow is where you can sometimes have your phone (Your teacher will tell you when) and Green means you can always have your phone out (Although it may not always be in use). These zones may switch at your teacher’s request.
  9. Joining clubs or sports is always helpful. Whether it’s Football, Newspaper or Diversity Club, clubs and sports during and after school are always a good option and way to make new friends and to make school a more fun place.
  10. High school goes by extremely fast. It may not seem like it, at first it doesn’t, but next thing you know, you’ll be a senior. That means, don’t waste time on pointless drama that won’t matter next year or even next week. This year, and every year, should be for YOU! Don’t spend the year crushing or stressing, make the most of high school and do your own thing. If you are trying your best and just unapologetically being yourself, nothing can ruin that.

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