Locker Tips

By: Mitchell Wickman ’19, Reporter

Using your locker is very crucial to your high school life because your heavy textbooks, folders, and other supplies can be stored there. Many of the upperclassmen don’t recommend decorating your locker because decorations are not a priority and it is pointless. In the beginning of the year you should have your locker combination in your phone in case you forget it. Your locker is characterized as a quick place to drop off or pick up folders, but it should not be a place to show off decorations or finish homework.

Taking gym class comes with a process of bringing home dirty clothes, and if you leave your dirty clothes in your hallway locker it can produce a bad smell. Eliana Moran, ’19 says “Don’t leave trash in your locker, it will smell”. Your locker is not private, so keeping it clean is a good choice. If your locker becomes messy it can develop frustration from supplies spilling out every time you open it up.

Your locker can be a daily hangout spot, but staying there too long can cost you a tardy. Standing by your locker with a group of friends can cause blockage in the halls which will lead to more traffic. Proceeding with this act will possibly come with an angry student yelling at you. Always respect your locker neighbors when struggling to get to your locker. If your locker becomes jammed there are always staff members strolling the halls that would help you out. To prevent this problem from happening: push back any folders, strings, and other supplies that can cause your locker to be jammed.

Quick Tips:sports

  • Decorating your locker is not recommended
  • Don’t leave dirty gym clothes in your locker
  • Keep your locker clean and organized
  • Respect your locker neighbors
  • Don’t crowd around a locker
  • Leave your heavy textbooks in your locker

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