How to Fight Freshman Fears

By: Gina Hofbauer
Co-Editor-in-chief, Cover Editor
Haven Noll

Upperclassmen, locker combinations, crowded hallways, and tests- A Freshman’s worst fear. Whether you are as calm as a cucumber or losing hours of sleep stressing about starting your four year term in the big house, it’s often that freshmen believe in many myths that starting high school comes with.

Many incoming freshman share a fear of the upperclassmen.. For years the cliché but true fear has gone around that freshman fear the upperclassmen for multiple reasons. However; I can assure you that the ‘scary’ look in our eyes is our lack of sleep. Upperclassmen are more focused on passing their classes than picking a fight or starting pointless drama with the freshmen. The most threatening thing that will come out of the underclassmen will be referring to your grade as ‘annoying’, but don’t take that to heart; it’s just tradition. The thing about high school is most people are out of the ‘trying to be cool phase’, so chances are you won’t find a senior trying to pick a fight or making rude remarks towards you.

Another thing many incoming freshmen are nervous about is making friends. Freshman year you will have multiple schools colliding with each other which means your group or ‘clique’ may grow, shrink, or implode. Fear not though, being thrown into the mix of all the new students can be exciting too! This gives you the opportunity to make new friends that you’ll have for the rest of your high school career. One thing I wish I realized sooner was that you really should branch out, especially in freshman year. If you’re someone who is shy or often nervous when talking to someone new, that’s okay. Start off easy like saying a simple “hello” to someone who sits in front, behind or next to you in class. Another thing to know: You will survive high school with or without a ‘clique’.

Incoming freshman tend to worry about the tests and quizzes getting harder, along with the stress of needing to do more home work every day. Yes, in high school the work does get harder but it will not be as different from eighth grade. There are so many different classes you can take, just like in middle school (but high school has more options). With the many options, come different workloads. The homework may get stressful at times, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.  Students will usually have one or two assignments for home work depending on their class every night. Tests and quizzes will usually happen every week, but if you study and pay attention in class, they should not be difficult. Overall the work in high school is not that much harder than middle school, you just have to keep on top of it and keep trying.

High school has many differences from middle school, but they really are not as drastic as many people make it out to be. There are so many opportunities, so make sure you get yourself out there and try new things. You are only I high school for four years, so try your best and enjoy it.

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