High School Vs. Middle School Sports

By: Taylen Abbott,’21

Incoming freshmen are often taken back by how much commitment High School sports takes. Every coach will preach to their team that they are students first. If athletes are struggling in school or in class their playing time will be affected dramatically and they can become ineligible. The commitment of being in a high school sport is like having a job, there is pre-season conditioning and training that usually start months even before the first official practice; you must attend all the meetings and show up on time. Putting work in is mandatory especially if you want to have a reasonable amount of playing time  because in high school  there is no guaranteed playing time, you have to put in the work to earn it. There are also more opportunities for athletes because here are three teams to be eligible for as a freshman. Coming in as a freshman, if the athlete makes the team or signs up to play, they are placed on JV-B. This is essentially a freshman team but upperclassmen can also be occasionally bumped down to play on this team as well. Also with this system of JV-B, JV-A, and varsity; all athletes can be placed on any of the teams.


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