High School Relationships

By: Morgan Sputa ’19, Editor-in-Chief

Stay single kids. High school relationships are not like the movies at all. Your main focus in school should be making memories, getting good grades, and spending time with your friends. Not saying you should annex the opposite gender for all of high school, but the first three years of high school are demanding and an adjustment- there are more important things to be focused on.

Don’t date a junior/senior as a freshman! There is a gap in age and maturity, so it won’t end well. Juniors and seniors are just finishing up high school as you are entering it- they’re headed to college that will potentially be hours/miles away, and you haven’t even thought about a college you want to go to. Stick to your age group, or one that your parents are comfortable with you dating in (ex. dating sophomores).

Dating in high school isn’t always a bad thing; you could truly meet the person you’re going to marry one day. There are plenty of stories of current married couples that were ‘high school sweet hearts,’ whom are still going strong since they met during their days in high school. Others ended up marrying someone they knew from high school, but had never dated.

All in all, if you decide to date in high school, make sure you stay focused and make time for the memories too.

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