Hallway Etiquette

By: Brenna Filbey, ’20, Co-Opinions Editor.

   Incoming freshmen have a lot of questions, but no one tells them about the worst part of high school: the hallways. Hallways are NEVER empty during passing time, and they will be SUPER crowded until the seniors leave. Move people, there is a certain flow of the hallway. Follow the crowd going the way you want to. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallways and chit chat with your BFF- you have phones and lunch to do that. Stopping in the middle of the hallways creates angry people. Move closer to the lockers or just walk and talk.

   Speaking of walking and talking, if you are walking slowly, people get irritated. You don’t own the hallway (and neither do they), but everyone has somewhere to be, so keep moving. Pick up the walkers and stop doing the grandma shuffle in the hallways, there’s only six minutes to get from class to class, and teachers expect you to be on time. For the first few days, they usually cut you some slack because you’re new and teachers understand that.

   Another thing, the doors open outwards. Don’t walk around with your head down, texting or snap chatting someone. You could get hit in the head with the door because the people coming out of the class room aren’t looking out for the people in the hallways. There have been plenty of stories where someone got a concussion from the door.

   Hopefully these tips have given you some advice to keep in mind. Remember to have fun!


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