Classes That Help Your Future

By: Victoria Myers ’19, Photographer

myers_future photo

There are many classes one could take at High School North. Freshmen are able to take many classes that would aid in their future both in the world and at LCN. These range from advanced academic classes to classes that are offered at the Pankow Center.

There are a few options for advanced classes as a freshman. For example, freshmen are able to take Honors English 9, this course can seem a bit daunting at first; however, it is a class that lays the foundation for writing done in high school and the curriculum involves many works such as Romeo and Juliet and The Odyssey. Another honors class that freshmen could take is Honors Biology, this course takes the average biology course and goes more in depth. Starting in the 2018-2019 school year there will be a 0.25 GPA bump given for each honors class taken by a student, this follows the 0.5 bump always given with AP classes. Freshmen are not able to take any AP courses except for AP Human Geography. AP Human Geography is a class that can be beneficial for freshmen that want to challenge themselves and plan on taking more AP classes in the future. This course involves learning techniques used by geographers and the impact humans have on the planet. All of these classes offered at LCN are beneficial to the futures of students that take them.

Another opportunity for freshman that could benefit their future is the MST program. This program is a rigorous program that focuses on math, science, and technology (MST). Freshmen students in this program take Honors Biology and Honors Geometry. These courses go in-depth on the same topics taught in general Biology and Geometry. Not only does the MST program offer a challenging curriculum, it also offers opportunities that are not always given by classes offered at LCN. Some opportunities imclude: college trips and projects not done at the high school.


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