Cell Phone Usage

By: Jake Couts ’20, Reporter

Cell phone usage is a major concern for every student at LCN. Most middle school students do not get a chance to use their cellular device due to stressful rules prohibiting them. As of high school, cellphone usage is a very controversial topic among teachers. Most teachers do not allow cellphones during class sessions due to having the distraction and not showing respect to the instructor. Throughout the hallway, cellphones are allowed but tend to distract people from walking. This results in many people getting infuriated from the people walking slow since they’re focused on their cellular device.

Various teachers will have posters posted that state red, yellow, or green zones which tell you if you are allowed on your phone. Red, meaning no devices is allowed under any circumstance. Yellow, meaning when the teacher approves you can use your phone. Green, meaning you are always allowed to use your device. Using your cellphone throughout the day is a wonderful tool but also can result in extreme distractions which can lead to poor grades. Listening to music is also a major concern for students. Most teachers do not allow headphones during the lesson but once they finish and give you time to work independently they tend to allow you to use them. Cellular devices are wonderful and powerful tools when used correctly, but when used incorrectly they can lead to many problems and serious distractions. Use your cellular device at appropriate times and do not disrespect teachers.

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