Advice to the Incoming Freshmen

Co-written by: Morgan Sputa ’19, Editor-in-Chief and Mitchell Wickman ’19, Reporter

As you move from middle school into high school there are plenty of big changes, one major change is your work load. Freshman year will be quite the adjustment, but if you pay attention in class, do your work, stay organized and turn in your assignments in on time, then there will be a big weight lifted off your shoulders.

STUDY! I cannot stress enough as to why you should actually put effort in high school. Every person is different, some are visual learners, auditory learners, and others can learn right off the bat. Find which type of learner you are and set a consistent studying habit for your classes; this will help you stay organized throughout all of high school, into college, and with your job later in life. Also, do not be afraid to ask your teachers for help. The teachers are here to keep you on the right path and help you achieve all of your academic goals.

It’s not all work and no play. There are many events held at LCN that allow you to get to know your classmates, along with the entire student body. Kicking off in August, LCN holds “Midnight Madness,” which is the first official Varsity Football practice of the season. Everyone from LCN attends, so it’s a great way to get to befriend people in other grades. One of the best ways to get to know a majority of the people in your class is through the Link Crew program. There are many different ways to get to know everyone in your class as well as the upperclassmen; such as, joining clubs, attending school events, and participating in sports. Some of the people you meet within these activities or just even in classes may be your best friend(s) for the rest of high school/ your life, or they may be just those friends you see at school.

The biggest things are to be yourself, stay organized, work hard, have fun, and explore all the opportunities that are in front of you throughout your entire high school career.

High school is the start to your future and social life, and it’s where you make or keep long-time friends. As a freshmen you are always nervous about joining a club or getting involved with community service. Getting involved is a top priority in high school because it creates recognition from teachers and students. High school teachers are the ones who write your recommendation letter for college, so developing a relationship with your teachers is very crucial if you want an appreciable letter. Having strong participation or great leadership skill can put you in a position of respect while constructing a friendship from your teachers.

LCN has various amounts of activities, clubs, and community service opportunities to help you get involved. These clubs can be recognized from colleges which can increase your chance of admission. Connecting to more clubs can make your schedule busy, but it can also build success in the future. As an incoming freshman it’s essential to find your place of interest from taking diverse classes, staying after school for a club, or just participating in class.

This type of advice can help jump start your future in high school. Becoming a freshman is always a sluggish process, but as you grow you start to realize that time flies by and high school is what you make of it.


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